You fall into a deep sleep. In your dream a beautiful woman visits you. She tells you the story of her life:

“My name is Natasha,” she begins. “I was born into the family of a humble blacksmith. One day, my body inexplicably shriveled up and turned to dust. Only a ghostly image of my head remained . . .”

“At first, life was hard. Every night I cried myself to sleep — copious tears formed ghostly puddles on my pillow. However, I grew accustomed to living as a disembodied head, and I pursued my calling to be a teacher. Soon enough I became a respected schoolmistress for the local children.”

“One day, a young woodsman from a neighboring village moved into town. Kindred spirits, we soon fell in love. My life became blissful and serene. Then, tragedy struck . . .”

“My wicked step-sister was possessed by a deep-seated envy. Always my rival, she hated to see the bliss that had befallen me. One night, after she learned that I was engaged to be married, she saw me kissing my beloved under the full moon. It was then that she vowed to ruin our happiness.”

“Over the weeks and months, she studied sorcery. She made a pact with an evil spirit who loathed all things good and beautiful. Then, on the eve of my wedding day, she cast a wicked spell and drew down the moon. With her evil powers she hid the moon deep within a cave . . .”

“Without the moon, an eerie darkness shrouded the land. Tragically, our wedding was canceled — despair and confusion cast a shadow over my love.”

“After overcoming my grief, I vowed to conquer my sister’s evil magic and retrieve the moon. However, my sister lured me into a sinister trap. When I entered the cave, she ambushed me and encased me in a magic bubble, where I have remained ever since . . .”

“Over time my sister grew even more powerful, but with her power came Pride — the Queen of Sins. In the end, her narcissism became her downfall. She became enamored by her own image. Cursed by her vanity, she fell into the other side of her mirror, where she remains trapped to this day . . .”

“As for me, only an axe with a silver blade can break my sister’s diabolical bubble. I beg you to help me. Find the axe and free me — and then . . .”

Her voice trails away as your dream fades.

With your help Natasha returns the moon to the night sky. She forgives her sister, who repents and joins a convent.

After a long search, Natasha finds her lost lover, Antonio, whom she weds on Christmas Eve. For their honeymoon they cross the Atlantic to visit Dublin, Paris, and Venice. Their last stop is Rome, where they make their new home. They live together in happiness until the day of their death, at which point they ascend into Heaven.

The End